Ceramics by Joanna


Joanna’s craftsmanship, like that of other local creators, and her shop Ceramics by Joanna are emblematic of Deià’s artistic vocation. The same is true of other artists in the neighbouring municipalities of Valldemossa, Sóller and Bunyola.


Over the years, Deià’s proximity to these other villages has led its inhabitants to take an increasing interest in traditional art and culture. As a result, the village is packed with small independent galleries and workshops. Ceramics by Joanna is the finest of them all. This Chicago-born ceramist with a degree in Fine Arts thoroughly enjoys painting her colourful pieces in the village of Deià, of which her works have become an indispensable part.

Her childhood dream of living closer to nature, in the mountains by the sea, or on an island, came true when, after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, she arrived in Deià. Like so many other international artists before her, she was inspired by Deià, decided to stay and make ceramics her full-time profession.



She is now fully integrated into everyday life in Deià, having had some of the most rewarding professional experiences of her career in this beautiful village. Her work, which began as a simple hobby, is now part of the iconography of the village, allowing visitors to take home a magnificent keepsake.


Opening hours vary depending on the time of year.

By appointment: +34 656 274 897