Parish church of Saint John the Baptist

In the upper part of the village, next to the church square, stands the parish church of “San Juan Bautista”, patron saint of the village. The church preserves an interesting collection of works of art and is a beautiful example of religious architecture integrated into the landscape, perched at the highest point of the village, silently looking out over its inhabitants and the Mediterranean.




The single-nave, barrel-vaulted building dates from the 14th century, although it was rebuilt in the 18th century after it was ravaged by a fire. In the distance you can make out its defence tower that served as a belfry, which stands out in the middle of the landscape, at the top of the mountain of Deià.

It has two entrances, the main portal aka the women’s portal, and a side portal aka the mens’s portal, which nowadays is the usual entrance to the church. The interior of the church is rather modest. The central nave has a barrel vault and four side chapels, including the Chapel of the Blood, with a figure of Christ from 1625 and a Virgin of Lluc.



The cobbled path to the church, lined with cypress trees and flanked by the 14 Stations of the Cross, is a delight for the soul and the senses, precisely because of the heavenly landscape into which we make our way.



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